Please Read-Extensions etc.

This agreement of the Terms for Deposits is between U Natural Hair Dreadlock Services LLC and you as the client, to protect the rights of both the client and the company.

Deposits for HAIR orders and are NOT refundable because it CANNOT be shipped back to our supplier.

BEFORE Placing a DISPUTE to payment processors due to Scheduling and Canceling Appointments with HAIR Orders, YOU MUST CONTACT us at U Natural Hair Dreadlock Services LLC at email to determine your terms otherwise DISPUTES will not be in line for these TERMS, PLEASE UNDERSTAND before placing appointment order, payment processor will be notified that you received this notice upon scheduling.

Deposits are deducted from the total cost of all appointments. Balance is always due at appointment time.

Deposits can only be made by online booking link or in person at our salon to be paid by cash, credit card, or other available cash acceptance application.


Please be slightly flexible with time. Try not to schedule right at an important event, due to many client mistakes and time roll-overs we may occasionally have to push an appointment down to finish unexpected problems on a current client’s head. For this you will not be penalized. We will no rush, we constantly tweak the system to try to be accurate as possible but it is not always in the exact time.

Appointment types that require hair have Deposits for HAIR orders and are NOT refundable because it CANNOT be shipped back to our supplier.


PERMANENT EXTENSION APPTS MUST BE SCHEDULED AT LEAST 7 DAYS from TODAYS DATE to give us time to get the proper hair color and prepare the locs.

Human Hair for your custom made locs is purchased and professionals are employed to custom make your locs by your texture and needs according to your consultation submission. Once we order your specific hair color, hair cannot be returned to our supplier. The hair as stated on the packages of purchase is 100% human hair. Synthetic hair is plastic and it NOT used. This hair has in most cases already been processed into kinky hair at a specified color, therefore it cannot be bleached dyed, especially to a lighter color. We do not provide color services with chemicals at U Natural Hair Dreadlock Services, LLC.  Unless specified in the quote and order for your locs, it is not dyeable hair. We are not responsible for the condition or turn out of your hair due to coloring and processing after you have left the shop. We do not suggest that you color at any time, any of the extensions installed since some hair brands are not colorable.

Reschedules for Permanent Loc Extensions, Extreme Loc Restoration, Bald Coverage and Extending Existing Locs can be made up to 5 days before the original scheduled appointment. The listed types of appointments stated can be rescheduled to a date within 30 days of initial appointment.  You have up until 5 days before the appointment to reschedule without  penalty. But if you opt to reschedule, the new date must be within 30 calendar days of original scheduled appointment,  Reschedules within 5 days of appointment incurs a 5% fee due to appointment slot occupancy.

If full payment is rendered before your scheduled appointment, and then appointment  is canceled before appointment and within the refund window for that type of service, client will receive a full refund including deposit. Clients who canceled appointment past the refund window will receive the balance of a full refund minus the deposit due.

This agreement may be changed at any time but the agreement version active at the moment of acceptance is valid as your terms of agreement by that date of acceptance.

If you have a complaint, you agree to seek remedy with Yesha Nashiym-El of U Natural Hair Dreadlock Services after initial appointment within 48 hours. After 20 business days , if it has not been resolved and you have contacted us within those 20 days with no response, then you have legal right to escalate to a claim, You agree by clicking that we will resolve issues without arbitration before the 20 days as set forth in this agreement.

By clicking Accept Terms, you agree to these terms and are protected by these terms before scheduling an appointment with U Natural Hair Dreadlock Services LLC.


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