Message About Scheduling

U Natural Hair HOUSE OF LOCS
3370 Harris St. Ferndale, MI 48220


JANUARY 3, 2022

Message to All Clients:
Happy New Year Everyone!

I apologize for the late updates, it was quite difficult to get everything back in working order after the updates and took more troubleshooting than expected. For the New Year we have a new process in our Newly converted house to a professional salon. To make sure all maintenance clients get in, until I can get more reliable maintenance help, we are not taking new maintenance clients. And because I’m working primarily alone, I’ve set up maintenance days so I can better handle everyone who has already been serviced, I just can’t keep up with things all over the place. Once I hire maintenance help Ill open more days, but this is the only way I can service clients until employment is improved. If the days are inconvenient for you, ill do the best I can to get help in the shop to speed up appts. But right now, due to lack of help everywhere, businesses are struggling. I figured this is the best way for me to handle the workload alone and still organize the entire business. Please be patient while I also make time to find and train others to help. Very difficult time in business and I have to stay vibrant to handle everything to remain open. Please understand the maintenance days I have to spread things out to be able to hold everything up at once and work the business.

The existing maintenance clients will now have the option of setting up recurring/repeating appts With me to make sure your maintenance is kept up. Too many clients need consistent repair which means that we will have to meet to adjust/update your appts and prevent so many locs from sliding or falling or breaking off. We also need to see if there are other things that you need for problems that reoccur. More attention should be paid to your locs to help them stay healthy. Each person has a different situation.

Some of you need every month while others may need every 2 months and so on depending on situation and texture.

Recurring maintenance appointments will be discounted but you must complete a quote to get the recurring rate adjusted. Some are paying more and some are paying less than they should since loc numbers, length and texture vary per client. The quote is here to make sure your appt is accurate, not pricing everyone the same. Forms have been updated to reflect more accurate rates.

Please complete the quote as accurately as possible if you  haven’t  done so already AND make sure you text us to say INTERESTED IN RECURRING APPOINTMENTS to begin. Once I review to make sure, we should set up appts to prevent repair. Repair prices are increasing, so I’d like to keep my current clients paying low for just maintenance, not maintenance AND repair. Everyone should have healthy locs, if not then maintenance is a problem and must be adjusted for you since everyone is so different.

If you scheduled your appt while I was making major changes in December and beginning of January, your appt may have to change dates since I had to come up with a new plan to service everyone and couldn’t cut off the entire schedule while I was doing so, we will also discuss the updates in person once you schedule just to be sure we are on the same page for each client. I apologize in advance for this inconvenience. I had to change to make it better for me to use my hands during different days for different services. This format will change and expand to more days once I train help. I will contact those whose appts aren’t in maintenance days so we can get them in the right dates for January 2022.

Also due to cancellations at last minute, terms and conditions have changed to keep the business running. While ppl aren’t in the chair, the bills arent getting paid to continue servicing properly, and puts me in a bad position to serve, so to remain open, terms have changed, please read all terms. They are important to run the shop smoothly by myself and not miss any important details you are paying for.

Please text me at 248-965-3703 to get the recurring appointment details. You must request or I’ll assume you aren’t interested in the recurring appts, its a bit of info because it’s hard to tell everyone all the same things at the same time. I apologize for the wait while I straighten things out to handle better.




DECEMBER 25, 2021

Due to my assistant  recently leaving…AGAIN, I am forced to change my schedule for January. (Still in the process). This past month has been strenuous  trying to keep all appts alone since she left, that were already scheduled. So I have to lighten the load and rearrange things to keep the shop open and be able to handle the admin parts on my own until I can find someone RELIABLE in this crazy employment climate. Some appts may have to be moved to compensate the change.  I’ve been so busy trying to keep up late nights in shop, I haven’t had a chance to administer appts and make changes thats  much needed.

Appointments may have to be moved to compensate the change in January. I just dont know how to cut the whole thing off so ppl with links that are scheduling may need to be moved once I finish changing and updating schedule. Still doing it.

I will slowly be adding the retwist and maintenance  appts to monthly recurring appts so we can get yall out the way that come to me regularly for maintenance and a scheduled at the same time per month that way your locs won’t get weak on a schedule.

There should be no repairs on monthly maintenance clients. Repairs will go up for ppl not maintaining like they should, so getting you on a schedule to prevent so many repairs and then so much time in the shop fixing will be eliminated.

So, please be patient while I make these changes, very hard to do but I’ll be swamped and forgetful if I don’t.