Message About Recurring Appointments

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What do we consider a Maintenance Appointment?
Maintenance appointments include:
retwists of the roots and palm rolling
interlock and crochet of loose hairs up and down the locs with a tool
sisterlock retightening with a tool
starter loc retwists on new locs
bald coverage retighten/repair
crochet root maintenance

Appointments that have more than 10 locs on a full head that need repairing is not a maintenance appointment, it becomes repair a appointment with maintenance, if its less than 10 locs on a full head, its still a maintenance appointment.

How to get Recurring Repeating Discounted Maintenance Appointments.
You will receive a log in account if you already do not have one. We will do a follow up consult on those who have been with us for more than a year. Some of your specifics changed over time, you made need to even change your maintenance method to suit your locs better or your hair grew and we need to reaccess your locs, count your locs and determine what they need to be and remain in a maintained state. You will receive an original updated quote price from the form. Then you will receive a discounted rate for prescheduling your appointments and keeping them on the same dates. You will schedule 3 appointments in advance.
Recurring appts do not have to be scheduled on the same day every month as long as its close to the time your maintenance is due. You can schedule up to 3 maintenance appointments in the interval prescribed to you in your followup consultation, 1 month 2 months 3 months. That way your date will be secured at the discounted rate. Please be aware that if you reschedule to a later date on one of your recurring appts,  you will forfeit your discount and pay regular price. Also on your scheduled date you get up to 5 repairs free, not including new locs needed. Retwist dates for Yesha are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. However, even though Star’s schedule may be limited she will do the best she can to also be available as much as possible to handle maintenance. As we train more locticians on our maintenance method, days and times will expand.

Changes to Pricing Structure
Recurring discount only applies to the maintenance part of your appt. It does not include the shampoo services, styles or minor repairs.
Retwists  will be the same pricing structure, but interlocking will change into 2 possible parts, maintenance of just the roots and/or crocheting the loose hairs up and down the loc to meet everyone’s needs.

The 1st part is interlocking the roots and new growth. Pricing of this part is affected here by how many rotations needed to tighten each loc, one person may need the tool rotated 2 times to tighten and another may have so much new growth at the root, that it requires 4 turns of the tool to tighten each loc resulting in a considerable amount of time added to the appointment. So it’s not good to keep waiting for maintenance because each month there is more new growth, resulting in more turns of the tool to tighten each loc because more hair is loose, resulting in more time on each loc to retighten.

The 2nd part is possibly having to crochet your hairs or fuzzies back into your locs up and down the shaft to the bottom, which can take a lot more time than just interlocking the roots resulting in a higher fee. Only some of your textures do this fuzzies occurrence, so everyone that needs interlock maintenance will be charged according to the root and/or shaft needs. One client may need that and another may not depending on the hair texture.