If you need an appointment, you must first have a service quote form completed or have scheduled amd attended a face to face consultation.


If you need to reschedule and can’t reschedule your appointment, please email unathair@gmail.com for a reschedule request before the forfeited time for your deposit.

What are …
Dreadlocks =Locs=Locks=Dreads=DredsStarter Locs=Starters=Coil Locs=Comb Twists

Instant Locs = Instants = Same Day Locs

Permanent Loc Extensions=Loc Extensions=Extensions=100% Human Hair Locs

Loc Repair=Repairs=Dreadlock Repairs

Loc Conversion=Loc Changes

Wicks=Wick Locs=Thick Locs

Retwist=Palm Roll=Retwist Roots

Consultation- consultations are not appointments, they are for getting the list of services you would need and want done to achieve healthy locs and how much it would cost to get the desired service(s).

You can get a consultation one of 2 ways:

1. Face to Face Consultation=F2F, is$25 for the cost of F2F consultation, F2F fee is subtracted from total quote balance due at appt for service. The client forfeits the consultation fee if they do not schedule a service afterwards within 30 days.

2. Online Consultation Quote Forms are Free to submit.

Clients must receive quote consultation email either through F2F or Online Consultation Quote Form before booking or getting an appointment.

Appointment types:
We perform Loc maintenance,  shampoo and specialty services , loc repair, Balding services like bald spot coverage, loc styles, starting locs, instant locs, loc extensions, wock locs, combining locs, extreme loc restoration.

Loc maintenance services can include: Loc Repairs, Loc Styles, Shampoo Services and Additional Services as asked in Consultations.. These add-ons can be selected on the Online Consultation Quote Forms or in the Face 2 Face  consultation.

Scheduling Appointments
Clients schedule their own appointments using the appointment link sent on their online consultation Quote Forms or at their Face 2 Face consultation.
Online Quote Forms via service portal=
Face 2 Face Consultation link=

Clients must pay a deposit at the time of scheduling an appointment to secure a spot.

Clients have a certain time to schedule  reschedule and/or cancel without paying an additional deposit, the time is based on the type of service.

Loc Maintenance and Loc Repair appointments should cancelled or rescheduled 72 hours before appt. To retain deposit.

Reschedule- Rescheduling can be done by accessing your confirmation email at the bottom of the email in the required time before forfeiting deposit.

If client cannot reschedule or cancel appointment via email, they can text 313-488-4898 to request reschedule.

Canceling appointments can be done by accessing your confirmation email  at the bottom of the email in the required time before forfeiting deposit.

Once your appointment is canceled within the appropriate time window for your service,  you will receive a refund within 5 to 10 business days automatically. This is for Cancelations made BEFORE the forfeiture time.

Services we perform:
What are the Services classified as Loc Maintenance:  Retwist Roots, Crochet Roots, Interlock Roots, Retighten Sisterlocks or Brotherlocks or Microlocks Roots

What are the Services classified as Loc Repair? Thinning Roots, Thinning Along Locs  Breaking off Locs, Loc Extensions Slipping, Damaged/Unwanted loc replacement8

-Loc Issues needing Bald Coverage on Existing Locs: Thinning Edges, Male Pattern Baldness, Alopecia, Pulled Out Locs, Thinning Locs

– What  types of New Locs can I get: Loc Extensions, Traditional Starter Locs, Instant locs, Bald Coverage with New Locs, Full Loc Attachments, Full Head Loc Reattachments, Microlocks, Sisterlocks or Brotherlocks, Wick Locs

-Services Classified as Loc Changes: Extending Locs, Cutting Locs, Combining Locs for a Thicker Set, Combining Locs to Form Wick Locs, Converting Starter Locs to Loc Extensions, or Starter Locs to Instant Locs, Adding Color Tips on Ends of Locs

-Services Classified as Loc Styles:  Curls, Pipe Cleaner Curls, 2 Strand Twists, Braids, Barrels, Fishtails, Updos, Ponytails

Services Classified as Cleansing:
Basic Shampoo and Condition
Loc Detox
Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse or Soak
Dandruff Shampoo and Condition
Peppermint Shampoo and Condition

Services Classified as Loc Care
Trim locs
Hot Oil Treatment
Moisturization Test
Deep Condition
Steam Condition Treatment

Services We Don’t Perform:
Synthetic Locs, Goddess Locs, Boho Locs, Temporary Locs, Faux Locs,  Gypsy Locs, Butterfly Locs
Dye Locs, Bleaching Locs
Combing out locs
Starting/Installing Sisterlocks,
Sisterlock Extensions

Mastery Courses 1 on 1 page
In house not available
Mobile App Live Classes
Free/Paid  Loc Classes
Link to download app

-Directions there is a link to the directions page

-Hours By Appointment Mostly
Must Call or Text for Walkin Availability
Closed Saturdays
Sunday thru Thursday open 11am to 10pm
Friday Open 10am to 6pm

Terms link to terms
For Deposits for appointments with hair-such as Loc Extensions, orders are custom, so there is no refunds on hair deposits.

Deposits for appointments without hair are retained if rescheduling or canceling 72 hours before appointment scheduled.

Our UNH 14 day guarantee -Should anything happen where the quality of our work diminished, notnl due to wear and tear or washing. Clients can come in to fix within 2 weeks. This applies to loc repairs, loc extensions, Instant locs, Wick locs, and Bald Coverage services.

Q. I would like an appointment.

A. Sure are you looking for loc maintenance such as retwisting your roots, crocheting your roots or Interlocking your roots  or something else?

A. There are several types of Loc Appointments, are you looking for loc maintenance, a loc repair Appointment, bald coverage services, new locs or something else with your existing locs?

Q. I need a retwist.
A. Okay, you want a retwist of your roots for Loc Maintenance. Please complete the free 2 minute online quote form here then we can get you an appointment. Here is the form.

A. Okay you want Interlocking Roots, please complete the free 2 minute online quote form here to get you an appointment.

Q. Do you sell Loc Hair Care Products
A. Yes. You can purchase our Rosemary Anti Itch Spray for Scalp Itchiness, Dandruff and for Promoting Hair Growth. A Standard size is 20.00. Large is 40.00 we have some available for pick up at the salon now.
I need an appointment
I was referred…

I want to schedule a consultation

Do you accept walkins/walk in/same day service?
Yes, for light repairs, retwists, interlock maintenance, shampoos and styles. Please text 313-488-4898 to speak with a stylist.

How much for a retwist? Retwists alone can vary $35.00 to $125 depending on your situation. You can get your price by completing a 2 minute online form. Them you can schedule am appointment  or check for walk in availability.

I am inquiring about your loc services.
Sure, what are you looking to get done?

How much does it cost to get dreads? It depends on what method you choose to start. You can get instant locs, loc extensions, Starter Coil locs, Wick locs or microlocks. Which  one are you looking fornand we can get you started with an online quote form  for set up of an appointment.

Partial Head means part of your head is shaved
One side shaved, both sides shaved=mohawk, or sides and back shaved=top locs

Do you deep condition locs?
Yes, it is a 60 minute process to moisturize your locs.

Can you help me with…

What is your address/location?
3370 Harris St. Ferndale, MI. 48220
Here is a link to get to us from various areas

What days do you have available? Availability depends on the type of service needed and the amount of time your service appointment requires. Once you receive a quote, we can estimate how long it would take and you can see the schedule in real time.

I wanted to make an appointment for Starter locs. Okay before you get an appointment here is the link to get your specifics and quote.

I need to reschedule. Okay, your confirmation email has a reschedule and cancel button at the bottom. Please use that to reschedule and choose a more convenient date based on availability.

Are you open today? We are open by appointment Sinday through Thursday  10am to 10pm and Friday 10am to 6pm . Closed Saturdays. However, for loc maintenance and select appointments we offer walking based on availability.

Do you take cash?
Do you take accept card cash app?
We accept the following forms of payment cash, cash app, apple pay, debit/credit card, nfc payments.

I want a 2 strand twist. Sure. For quality would you also like your roots retwisted for a neat look with your retwist? Here is the quote form for retwists: https://site.unaturalhair.com/retwist-quote

Do you do loc extensions. Yes we do, here is the quote to get started fornyour custom loc extensions, then we can get you an appointment. Https://site.unaturalhair.com/permanent-loc-extensions-quote also, here is instagram to show some examples. https://site.unaturalhair.com/permanent-loc-extensions-quote

Do you do Crochet maintenance? Yes, we Crochet your roots. We also have internal service to Crochet along your locs if they are super fuzzy. Here is the link to get started: https://site.unaturalhair.com/crochet-maintenance-quote

How do I get an appointment.
Let’s first find out what you need then we can get your specifics and price. What loc service are you looking to get?

Do you do wicks/Wick locs? Yes. Do you have locs to convert to Wicks or are you wanting new locs Wick sized, or are you looking for Wick loc maintenance?

I want to convert my locs to Wick Locs. Sure here is the link to get a quote before booking https://site.unaturalhair.com/loc-conversion-quote

I want to get new locs Wick size.
Here is the link to get new Wick locs https://site.unaturalhair.com/permanent-loc-extensions-quote

I need Wick maintenance.
Here is the ink to get started for maintenance:

How does it work? You will request a loc service or express a need. Then you’ll receive the link to a quote form related to your service to get your specific needs. Then you will receive quote confirmation  with a booking link to schedule with a deposit. After that your appointment  is set and you and your stylist receives a confirmation link. Then you are set!

I am interested in loc classes. Sure. We have suspended our in person classes becaise we now have live  classes and live interactive  1 on 1 training via our new mobile app with live chat. Here is the link to get classes and learn about financing and free training. Https://site.unaturalhair.com/get-the-app

I have thinning locs, can you help me. Sure we can start by scheduling a face to face consultation to see what individual needs you may have.

Can I add a shampoo wash. If you already scheduled an appointment, you can check your confirmation email to make changes at the bottom of the email

I am trying to add a shampoo or style to my appointment but it won’t let me. You will have to text 313-488-4898 to see if we can fit your chante into your booking eithout affecting adjacent appointments.
State your name, date and time of appointment and what you would like to add.

What availability do you have? Availability is based on what service you need and how long it mat take as well ascif there are appointments in the way. We also offer walking by request.

Do you have any Cancelations? If you already have an appointment  scheduled  you can request to be informed of Cancelations. Please text 3134884898 to get more info.

How can I start locs? You can start by Instant Same Day Locs, Traditional  Starter Coil locs, loc extensions, Wick locs or microlocks.

I didn’t  find where to make an appointment.
You must complete a 2 minute quote form first that shows us what specifics you need and gives you price estimate then you receive a link to book appt

Do you do loc repairs? Yes we have 3 types of repairs, 1 bald coverage for new locs to cover spots  2. Bald Coverage for existing g locs and bald spots and 3. Loc repairs from minor fixes to Extreme Restoration. Which would you like?
– Bald Coverage for people who don’t have locs but want locs to cover the spots https://site.unaturalhair.com/bald-quote-for-new-locs
-Bald coverage for ppl who already have locs https://site.unaturalhair.com/bald-quote-for-existing-locs
-Loc Repair for minor fixes to Extreme Loc Restoration(no balding) https://site.unaturalhair.com/repair-quote

Do you repair locs? Yes here is the form: https://site.unaturalhair.com/repair-quote (not the right form for balding.)

Do you retighten sister locks? Yes we do perform maintenance  in sisterlocks here is the 2 minute form to get started. https://site.unaturalhair.com/micro-sister-brother-locs-maintenance-quote/


Do you Do sisterlocks? At this time we do not do Sisterlocks installs. Only sisterlock Retightening.

Can you fix my dreadlocks?
In most cases yes. I can get you the correct starting point. For loc repairs or do you need to cover a bald spot?

I have locs, Do you cover bald spots?
Yes if you are in the metro Detroit area at least once a month for periodic maintenance for your coverage.
If not. You can try an online consultation to see if you can get service anyway in case it turns out to be fixable out of state.

I dont have locs, Can I get locs to cover my bald spot?
Yes, you can start here. Link to bald new locs.

I sent a deposit to PayPal/Cash App for my appointment, did you receive it?
I can send a message over to check your request. What is your name?

What forms of payment do you accept?
Cash, cash app, credit card, debit card, zelle
Apple Pay, PayPal

How much time is each loc service?
Retwist Roots/ Palm Roll -30 minutes to 3 hours
Crochet Roots- 1 to 5 hours
Interlock Roots – 1 to 5 hours
Retighten Sisterlocks – 2 to 6 hours
Shampoo and Condition – 1 hour
Curls- 2 to 4 hours
Bald Coverage- 1 to 7 hours estmated
Wick Locs-1 to 7 hours estimated
Starter Locs-1 to 3 hours
Instant Locs – 1 to 6 hours
Loc Extensions –  to 12 hours
Conversions to Thicker Locs – 2 to 7 hours
Detox -1 hour
Loc Reattachment- 1 to 8 hours
Loc Repair- 1 to 12 hours


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