“No One has the same hair, therefore, no one will have achieved the same loc. Your Hair will Uniquely Loc as intended for It.”

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Starter Locs, in most cases, can be started  with 1 inch.

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  • Starter Locs
  • What Are Starter Locs?


    Starter locks in our definition are comb twisted to start the coiling process of mature locks. We also dry twist and finger twist as well as two strand twist. There are many methods to starting locks. They usually take from 3 months to a year to reach loc maturity.

    If all else fails or by request, we can also style instant locs using your natural hair only. This method is a simulated enhanced starter loc process in which we literally 'design' each loc to resemble a mature dreadloc.  Since starter locs aren't guaranteed for every client, this method is an excellent way to 'force' locs on your difficult to start hair. This method can be used on natural unprocessed hair and in most cases, straight, silky and wavy hair.

  • What is required to have starterlocks?

    LOC STARTS(natural hair only) Must have at least 2 inches of hair for straw size, smaller locs for more labor, the limit is 1 inch of hair) Must be clean and perm-free natural from scalp, Hair may need to be cut to new growth for maximum results. Hard to lock hair may be referred to LOC extensions to start(see Loc Extensions Pricing) If you want to color, you will need to color (before locking)
    Maintenance should be done at least every month to maintain healthy locs.
    Your first 6 months to a year's retwist may be slightly higher if your hair has separated during the starter loc process.

    A silk Cap should be worn to protect your locs and washing can be delayed a couple weeks to help in the locking process after your initial visit.

  • How do I take Care of Starter locks between Visits?

    It is often that some of the locks will unravel during the loc maturing stage, which can last up to 12 months. It is best to keep them wrapped with a silk scarf at night to help tame the new growth and to make sure that the starter locs stay in place. Silk is best because other fabrics can tear out your hair, especially at the edges of the scalp. It is extremely important to get regular maintenance visits to ensure that your locs don't unravel too much over time, which results in an immature lock, clumped together in an unkempt fashion. Breakage can occur if not maintained properly.

  • How Long do I wait between visits?

    Visits to my chair depends on how active you are in the coiling process your wash and scalp sweating habits and your hair growth rate.

    If the locks begin to unravel, an appointment may be necessary. Upon starting locs, every two weeks for two months is an ideal example, but it still depends on your texture. Some can wait a whole month before their first retwist.

  • How Long does it take for my hair to lock to maturity?

    Depending on your growth schedule and the texture of your hair, Loc maturity can take anywhere from 3 months to 1 year! If you have received proper maintenance instructions, you will have to be patient. My locs took 9 months to loc because my hair is soft and thin naturally, my locs look like brother locks but the number of locks on my head are under 100.

  • What happens if the standard starter locs are not working for you or they keep unraveling!

    Alternative Solutions:

    It is not guaranteed that everyone can achieve starter locs using the standard method. Some textures of hair may be very difficult to train into a mature loc. Some other options are available so they EVERYONE CAN HAVE LOCS!

    Interlocking can be a solution but sometimes, the hair still unravels at the ends this creating a poofy look at the ends. You want a standard lock

    Instant Locks, they are forced into locs same day using only your hair and the latch, crochet hook. Sometimes, this is the only option to difficult to loc hair. See pricing for start locs in the next grey section for more info.

    Permanent Loc Extensions: extensions the same length or slightly longer can be installed in your natural hair, to force a same day lock. These locks are created because your hair is stubborn to loc in starting process, recommended for wavy silky shiny, thin hair. The locs are only created to jumpstart your loc journey, This way your new growth will grow into the loc, skipping the starter stage completely. Check out Permanent Loc Extensions Here for more information.

  • Starter Loc Maintenance Expectations

    Pricing may be quoted slightly higher for those locing for less than 12 months due to maintenance on immature locs. They  can be like starting locs throughout to keep them in training mode until fully locked, starting locs are basically in a sense, treated like a retwist and repair until maturity.

    So, if it takes 3 months for your hair to loc, you  can pay for a retwist and any additional for those 3 months to repair the immature loc then in the four month and on, your locs will be handled as a retwist.

  • Starter Lock Services-Pricing

    Photos Shown are for an illustrative idea of style type, thickness, length and price so that you'll know what to look for. Actual Looks may vary based on the size of your head, number of locks needed and texture of natural loc extension . Photos may not be actual extensions nor actual work of U Natural Hair. For Actual work, please see Gallery here.

    Note: Pricing may differ for different textures, thicker hair requires more labor as priced

    You can get starter locs using any of the methods below depending on your style.

    Thickness of Lock: Straw size
    Method: Comb Twist
    Inches: 2-4 inches - $75 Sale - $65

    Inches: 5-8 inches - $85 Sale - $75

    Inches: 9 and past shoulders - $105 Sale -$95


    Time: 2 to 4 hours

    Method: Interlock Start
    Inches: 3-5 inches - $95 Sale - $85

    Inches: 6-8 inches - $135 Sale - $125

    Inches: 9 and past shoulders - $170+ up - Sale - $10 off


    TIme: 3 to 6 hours

    Method: Two Strand Twist
    Inches: 2-4 inches - $75 Sale - $65

    Inches: 5-8 inches - $85 Sale - $75

    Inches: 9 and past shoulders - $105+up Sale -$10 off


    Time 1 to 3 hours

    Method: Random Finger Twist(No products used) natural coarse hair
    Inches: 2-4 inches - $75 Sale - $65

    Inches: 5-8 inches - $85 Sale - $75


    Time: 1-2 hours

    Setting the starter locs with setting product for longer wear- $10
    Parting of the scalp in a pattern - $15
    If you want locs starts smaller than or larger tha straw thickness,
    you will need to be quoted as the price will change outside of
    these ranges.

    MOHAWK LOC STARTS are priced lower for starts due to amount of hair

    Method: Instant Locs(using Your Own hair)

    Inches: 5-6 inches - $150 Sale - $125


    Time: 4 to 5 hours

    Inches: 7 to 10 inches - $195 Sale $180

    Time: 6 to 8 hours

    A method where each loc is created using your own hair in an intertwine format using both crochet hook and latch hook. This process bypasses the 6 to 12 month locing phase and is immediately situated into locs.


  • Free Starter Loc Consultation


    Email: unathair@gmail.com, Call 877-758-5307 or Text to
    Submit A Photo of Your Hair, Two would give you a better online quote.(one of the top of head and one showing at least the full length of your hair/locs)

    Indicate what style you wish to have based on the charts listed on the service web page. If your style set isn't shown(please check BEFORE requesting a FREE Consultation, The information is broken up into sections on each service page for ease of read.) then you can combine the services you need to achieve the look you desire. All pricing is pretty much self explanatory, pricing can be answered in general on the website. I can only give an estimate after you have completed the consultation, online or face to face.

    Then if You have any questions afterwards, you can feel free to call, text or email at any time.

  • What To Bring To Your Appointment

    A smile and your hair. There isn’t anything required.

    I have movies and a lounge chair for extended loc installations so you can relax.

    Incense, Movies, Bottled Water, Refreshments, Be sure to bring a packed lunch or set aside time to take a break to eat out.

  • Booking Your Appointment

    Once you are SURE you are ready to schedule the appointment and that you have scheduled time available and set aside for the appointment, as well as the deposit, you can click HERE to begin the appointment processing using our online booking system. This system was developed to make sure that appointments are scheduled appropriately and it eliminates the verbal appointment mistakes and overlaps.

    Because of the Nature of Appointments and Salon Scheduling We are compelled to enforce an appointment/deposit policy to ensure that all serious clients are able to book appropriately and that they are not blocked from appointment days other clients may have booked without the intention of attending the appointment. This eliminates the possibility of missing appointment opportunities for those serious. If you are serious about proceeding, you generally should not have a problem receiving your service.
    The deposit is $50 and this goes towards your total service cost. If your service will take more than one day, then a deposit of $50 for each day the service is expected to use is required. Deposits are not refunded. If you give a 24 hour or more notice, then the deposit will be transferred to another service. If you give a cancellation within 24 hours from the time of your appointment, you are forfeiting your deposit.


    Once you have entered your personal information, chose a service and time, and paid your deposit, you will receive a confirmation of appointment time. I will also connect with you for more clarification and to answer any other questions you may have. You will be well on your way to starting or continuing your Loc/Natural Hair Journey.

    A Smile, you hair if you purchased, some items of entertainment like books, a movie you may want to see, or whatever.
    We ask that children are not brought with you fo long appointments over 2 hours, we understand how it can be uncomfortable for a child.

    PAYMENT METHODS: Please Let Us Know If you will be using a credit card AHEAD of time, BEFORE your appointment. We must have it on file to process an authorization BEFORE service. We do offer credit card processing in most cases Sunday thru Thursday. Cash is preferred during the weekends. If you do choose to use a credit card, we strictly enforce using your id and card at the same time for identity verification. You can also opt in to Pay the Full amount in person ahead of time or by PayPal.
    Medical Marijuana Accepted, Bottled Water and Light Refreshments May be Served. We do have movies on deck as well. Loc Installation Lounge Chair(Photo) for those times you need to relax during your appointment.


    If you are running behind, please give me a call. I may not be able to provide you your service if you arrive more than 25 minutes late. My promise is to always start on time. If I’m running behind, then I promise to give you a call at least 45 minutes before your appointment.


    If the client (for loc extensions) arrives after 30 minutes of the appointment time, then they are forfeiting their deposit and the appointment is cancelled. Please call me to see if the day is flexible.


    All deposits are not refundable. Once a deposit is made it goes towards the cost for your service/hair. If you cancel your appointment before 24 hours of the actual time of your appointment, your deposit can be transferred to another day. If you cancel your appointment within 24 hours, then you forfeit your appointment. (absolutely no exceptions) Once you book your appointment, you’re my only client for that day—–this assures 110% of my time is available to you. The deposit goes towards your total service.

    The client must show up at the time shown on their appointment confirmation email.

    Life happens and if you have to cancel, just give me a notice of at least 24 hours. (For example: if your appointment is Thursday at 8:30am, please give contact me no later than Wednesday at 8:30am.

    If the appointment is cancelled with 24 hour notice, the deposit will be transferred to a rescheduled appointment.

    The rescheduled appointment must be made within 48 hours of canceling. If the client attempts to schedule a new appointment after 48 hours, he or she forfeits the deposit and a new deposit will have to be made.

    If an appointment is cancelled without a 48 hour cancellation notice, the client forfeits their deposit.

    A deposit is considered any dollar amount given to hold the appointment. Cancellations are made via text, email, or phone call.

  • Service Warranty & Disclaimer

    Starter Locs Disclaimer:

    Starter Locs do not always work out for every texture the first time. Your texture may not loc in a mature fashion after using the standard method. If this is the case, and you received the initial starter loc service from us we will offer an alternate service that produces similar results for a discount if your starter locs aren't working or staying coiled as intended after 48 hours, you can change your style to try a different method. Clients may not understand that not all starter locs are the same and that they may very well be maturing properly, just not like the next client. Please consult with us BEFORE deciding to try other services, it may be just that your hair texture is raveling different.

    Sometimes, we are able to discern problems during your starter loc appointment and can offer the additional service at a later appointment depending on what service you choose. If you hair is determined by photo to need additional services, we can then offer alternatives BEFORE the appointment so that you are better prepared.

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