“Proper & Periodic Maintenance prevents breakage, thinning and hair loss.”

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Retwists are scheduled average 3 to 6 weeks to maintain healthy locs. 


What is a Retwist?

A Retwist is when you need periodic maintenance on your roots and new growth. This does not include maintenance along the length of your dreadlock, such as thinning areas(That would be listed under Maintenance).

Retwists are scheduled periodically(such as monthly) to prevent breakage and damage of the locs. Doing retwists prevents the new growth from separating from the loc, thus producing a healthy loc.

Over retwisting is dangerous and can result in loc thinning.

Retwists should be done on palm rolled, comb twisted and finger made locs. Water, gel or dry methods may be used, depending on texture of hair.

Retwists are done every 3 to 6 weeks depending on your activity and rate of root growth.

What do do in between Retwists

In between visits, oil your scalp regularly to retain moisture, as locs soak up a lot of the oils in your scalp naturally. Wearing a silk scarf at night helps to protect your locs and any other type of cap may actually cause breakage around the scalp edges and top of head.

If you have European/Straight Hair, the Crochet tool May be used as a Maintenance service for the roots and along the shaft as one. Click Here for more info.

When You need more than a retwist.

If you have not kept up with your maintenance schedule, your locs may have thinned and broken off. This happens because the new growth often wiggles out of the loc area and doesn’t loc into the shaft. This causes hair to hang and if the hair grows out even more, 6 months to a year, the locs will also hang heavy and break-off since the scalp has produced more hair. Maintenance prevents this from happening because the new growth is neatly joined with the shaft of the loc periodically, making it stronger and more uniform. Thus producing and Maintaining a healthy loc.

See other Maintenance such as Interlocking(using crochet tool on Afro Hair) here.

  • Retwists, Repair & Maintenance
  • Retwist & Repair Pricing

    Retwists/Maintenance (New Growth only)

    Starter Loc Maintenance(Comb Twist/Palm Roll method only) $65( Less than 5 inches / $80 Shoulder Length (this price is for new clients as well as those locking for less than 12 months)- There may be additional work to force the locking stage.

    RETWIST CLUB - 4 Week Program- You are rewarded with a lower price if you attend retwists with 4 to 5 weeks apart(Mature Locs Only)

    Palm Roll = $40 Less than 5 inches/ $55 shoulder length

    Interlocking = $65 Less than 5 inches/ $85 shoulder length


    Palm Roll= $60 Less than 5 inches, $75 shoulder length(especially if a lot of new growth, may lead to repairs if you waited longer than 2 months)

    Time: 1 to 3 hours depending on length for full service retwist

    Interlock= $85 2 to 4 inches, $95 5 to 7 inches, $105 shoulder length
    Interlocking is done in a pattern to achieve smoother results. The shaft of your lock should not be visibly bumpy or they have been installed incorrectly.

    Time: 2 to 4 hours depending on new growth and length


    Often combined with:
    -Thickening shaft of locs
    -Rejoining Hanging Locs
    -Reattaching Lost locs/ Attaching newly made locs

    Must receive an online or face to face consultation for a quote
    based on your individual needs. No yarn or glue is used unless it
    is an exception already discussed ahead of time for a very special reason.


    $1.00 per lock for crochet hook repair

    75 Cents per lock for loc reattachment of your own loc

    $1.50 per loc for loc reattachment of a new loc(using human hair only-not included)

    $45 and 50 cent per additional lock over 80

    $2.00 per loc for Loc Thickening

  • Free Maintenance Consultation


    Email: unathair@gmail.com, Call 877-758-5307 or Text to
    Submit A Photo of Your Hair, Two would give you a better online quote.(one of the top of head and one showing at least the full length of your hair/locs)

    Indicate what style you wish to have based on the charts listed on the service web page. If your style set isn't shown(please check BEFORE requesting a FREE Consultation, The information is broken up into sections on each service page for ease of read.) then you can combine the services you need to achieve the look you desire. All pricing is pretty much self explanatory, pricing can be answered in general on the website. I can only give an estimate after you have completed the consultation, online or face to face.

    Then if You have any questions afterwards, you can feel free to call, text or email at any time.

  • Booking Your Appointment

    Once you are SURE you are ready to schedule the appointment and that you have scheduled time available and set aside for the appointment, as well as the deposit, you can click HERE to begin the appointment processing using our online booking system. This system was developed to make sure that appointments are scheduled appropriately and it eliminates the verbal appointment mistakes and overlaps.

    Because of the Nature of Appointments and Salon Scheduling We are compelled to enforce an appointment/deposit policy to ensure that all serious clients are able to book appropriately and that they are not blocked from appointment days other clients may have booked without the intention of attending the appointment. This eliminates the possibility of missing appointment opportunities for those serious. If you are serious about proceeding, you generally should not have a problem receiving your service.
    The deposit is $50 and this goes towards your total service cost. If your service will take more than one day, then a deposit of $50 for each day the service is expected to use is required. Deposits are not refunded. If you give a 24 hour or more notice, then the deposit will be transferred to another service. If you give a cancellation within 24 hours from the time of your appointment, you are forfeiting your deposit.


    Once you have entered your personal information, chose a service and time, and paid your deposit, you will receive a confirmation of appointment time. I will also connect with you for more clarification and to answer any other questions you may have. You will be well on your way to starting or continuing your Loc/Natural Hair Journey.

    A Smile, you hair if you purchased, some items of entertainment like books, a movie you may want to see, or whatever.
    We ask that children are not brought with you fo long appointments over 2 hours, we understand how it can be uncomfortable for a child.

    PAYMENT METHODS: Please Let Us Know If you will be using a credit card AHEAD of time, BEFORE your appointment. We must have it on file to process an authorization BEFORE service. We do offer credit card processing in most cases Sunday thru Thursday. Cash is preferred during the weekends. If you do choose to use a credit card, we strictly enforce using your id and card at the same time for identity verification. You can also opt in to Pay the Full amount in person ahead of time or by PayPal.
    Medical Marijuana Accepted, Bottled Water and Light Refreshments May be Served. We do have movies on deck as well. Loc Installation Lounge Chair(Photo) for those times you need to relax during your appointment.


    If you are running behind, please give me a call. I may not be able to provide you your service if you arrive more than 25 minutes late. My promise is to always start on time. If I’m running behind, then I promise to give you a call at least 45 minutes before your appointment.


    If the client (for loc extensions) arrives after 30 minutes of the appointment time, then they are forfeiting their deposit and the appointment is cancelled. Please call me to see if the day is flexible.


    All deposits are not refundable. Once a deposit is made it goes towards the cost for your service/hair. If you cancel your appointment before 24 hours of the actual time of your appointment, your deposit can be transferred to another day. If you cancel your appointment within 24 hours, then you forfeit your appointment. (absolutely no exceptions) Once you book your appointment, you’re my only client for that day—–this assures 110% of my time is available to you. The deposit goes towards your total service.

    The client must show up at the time shown on their appointment confirmation email.

    Life happens and if you have to cancel, just give me a notice of at least 24 hours. (For example: if your appointment is Thursday at 8:30am, please give contact me no later than Wednesday at 8:30am.

    If the appointment is cancelled with 24 hour notice, the deposit will be transferred to a rescheduled appointment.

    The rescheduled appointment must be made within 48 hours of canceling. If the client attempts to schedule a new appointment after 48 hours, he or she forfeits the deposit and a new deposit will have to be made.

    If an appointment is cancelled without a 48 hour cancellation notice, the client forfeits their deposit.

    A deposit is considered any dollar amount given to hold the appointment. Cancellations are made via text, email, or phone call.

  • Service Warranty & Disclaimer

    Clients are often confused as to the difference between a retwist and a repair in  the maintenance process. When you get a retwist, it is only at the root that it is retwisted, with or without products used. Often times when the client has waited too long in between retwists, the new growth has separated too much from the loc which probably led to some sort of breakage thus needing a repair, Sometimes a repair is required using a tool to rejoin the lock, if palm rolling does not allow the loose hair to attach properly.

    If a repair is required, it will be indicated at the time of appointment, it can be  rescheduled for repairs if not prepared. Clients requesting a retwist are usually  warned that repairs may be necessary since they cannot be detected always in online consultation photos. Please be aware of this.

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